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We need to coagulate.

Is there a specific reason that we let guys like this run our country?

Pret-ty ridiculous.  That man has a wife.  What a horrible person.


My new apartment is gray and yellow…like a chrome sunflower.  I have time to think about things like this because I only work two days a week and Sam works what seems like 24 hours a day.  Ya ya, thankful to have a job.  Definitely am.  But have recently found myself re-reading the Twilight Saga because of having too much time.  And thinking of what types of imaginary flowers my apartment looks like.

Also have discovered a recent tendency to abbreviate sentences.  This might come as a result of being a journalist and having to fit lots of information into tiny little spaces.  Also might just be laziness.

Word of the day – Promulgate: to make known by open declaration.  Ex:  I then promulgated the fact that my apartment looked like a chromy sunflower, much to everyone’s disinterest.  (See?  When I try to form complete sentences, they don’t make sense.)

IMG_0146I’m going to say something, and it might be shocking to many of you, but I’m going to say it anyway.  I’m getting tired of Toby.  (Toby is my dog, for those of you who don’t know).  Toby has been my constant companion these last 13 months that he’s been alive.  As anyone who follows my frequent photo-updates on twitter and facebook knows, Toby goes everywhere with me.  He rides the subway with me, he goes to work with me, he goes shopping with me, he comes when I hang out with my (equally dog-friendly) friends.  He’s pretty cool about it all.  But I require a few things of Toby that maybe shouldn’t be required of a 1 year old puppy (or middle-schooler in human years), a few things to which Toby is not often inclined to do, but must do if he wants to remain in his copilot position.  I require that he sits when I tell him to; that he doesn’t bark when he sees other dogs on the street; that he doesn’t sniff/lick peoples’ feet on the subway; that he doesn’t defecate in improper places; that he comes when I call; and, most importantly, that he doesn’t pull on the leash.  Other requirements like high five, roll over and fetch are all optional for him to comply with.  But the former are non-negotiable.  Therefore, today when Toby barfed on the subway, proceeded to lick a lady’s leg, and then made me nearly drop my groceries by pulling so hard on the leash, I decided that as much as I love him, he simply is not a human.  And no matter how much I train him to heel, he’s still going to lunge to the end of the leash every time he sees the dog park on Sumner street. And sometimes Brooke needs a human to help her hold the groceries instead of a dog to dump them.  That’s really all I have to say about that.  And I love Toby.

Things I love right now:


Taylor Swift


My iPhone

Sam Peters


My new apartment

and…Twilight.  Ok that’s really why I made this list was to say that.  Think what you will of me.  I have no secrets.  I’m also re-reading On The Road if that gets me back into your good graces.

People have been doing Facebook quizzes like it’s going out of style.  People does not include me.  So I figured I’d better get started.  Here we go.  

Harding Memories
1. Do you remember your campus mail box number?
12353.  I’d be a little worried if I didn’t.  I graduated last year, and I had it for four years straight.  Third aisle back.  

2. What was your favorite class?
Definitely every history class I had with Dr. Haney.  That man knows how to tell a story!  Close second is any class I had with Mrs. Haney.  They’re good teachers.  
3. Did you ever get dormed? What for?
Not sure what dormed means, so I guess “No.”
4. After leaving HU, how long before you got your first letter asking for donations?
They started piling up in my mailbox the day I graduated.
5. Did you truly fall in love at HU? Who?
Yep.  Sammers.
6. Were you ever caught making out?
*blushes* Yes.  
7. What was your favorite meal in the cafeteria?
I pretty much kept the cafeteria in business for the first three years I was there.  I didn’t have any favorites.  Everything was my favorite.  Unfortunately.  Thirty pounds later, I decided that wasn’t a good thing…..haha…

8. Were you in a Social Club?
9. Did you ever sneak out after curfew or have others sneak in?
I think I snuck in to my friend’s dorm one time, but no.  I just signed out all the dang time.  Takes care of that problem.

10. Which dorm were you in?
Sears, Kendall, and Pryor.
11. Do you still have your notes from others?
Notes are so 90s.  (No, I lost them…)
12. Did you ever get in trouble for clothes you wore?
All the DANG TIME.  Teachers and employers didn’t seem to think I dressed appropriately AT ALL.  I tried to tell them that slutty is a personality trait, not an outfit.  I got in trouble for wearing shorts that didn’t brush my ankles and skirts that didn’t stay put when I sat down.  I also got yelled at for wearing tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts and shirts that were too low cut.  I know this makes me sound bad, but honestly, I dress modestly on a worldly standard.  People just didn’t get that people from Phoenix are completely comfortable doing their grocery shopping in a bathing suit.  It’s a very different world.
13. Is there a song that makes your remember a time at HU?
Pretty much all of my indie music collection reminds me of times at Harding, since that was when I was going through that phase.  Sufjan Stevens, Ray LaMontagne (still love him), Coldplay (not indie but reminiscent of the time), Old Crow Medicine Show – Those artists take me back.  To last year.

14. What did you major in?
15. Did you have a nickname?

16. What is one of your fondest memories?
My favorite year was when Lauren, my little sister, was there with me, and I was rooming with my friend Sarah.  One night Sarah and I were doing facials and the facials were bright blue, so at like 10 pm, we raced over to Lauren’s dorm in our pajamas and scared the death out of her when she got out of the shower.  Then we did the Blue Man routine and danced and laughed, and it was fun.  That’s just one great memory of many that I have.  

17. Regrets?
Some, yes.

18. Who was your roommate?
Kristy (freshman), Elena (soph/jr), and Sarah (Sr.)
19. Circle of friends, all around social butterfly, or loner?
Loner who liked company….if that makes sense.  Usually I was really close with one or two people at the most.
20. Favorite chapel memory?
Seeing Lauren every morning 

21. Did you ever have a crush that you never shared or pursued?
Um, yeah a couple.

22. Did you play intramural sports?
Once, for like three games, I did basketball because my friend wanted to try it.  I quit pretty quickly.
23. Is there someone you’ve lost touch with and wish you could find?

24. Is there someone you didn’t know well then, but now have grown close to?.

25. How did it make you better? What life lessons did you learn?
That’s a pretty big question.  Ask me in fifty years.


gosh am I tired of being busy.  I’m working for the next four days and then heading off to Phoenix until monday, and I couldn’t be happier about that.  Not the working part, the Phoenix part.  Boston has been thawing out a little bit, and the birds are rejoicing outside my window.  At least three moms with strollers have jogged past our veranda in the past hour.  And I sit here in my pajama shorts, wondering who would be crazy enough to want to live here forever.  But I think I’ve exhausted that subject.


well, sam and toby are coming in from the park, so this post gets to be cut short.

I’m  a huge fan of this website called today’s big thing.  They post a video everyday, and it’s hit or miss.  But these are my favorites since I’ve been following it.  Be prepared to wet your pants.  

He can had too many cheezburgers.

Also, I took this picture last night as I was walking into the T.  I’m glad someone has decided to make light of our situation.


It’s no secret that Sam and I watch American Idol.  We don’t try to hide it anymore, especially since last year….it was really good.  That said, American Idol started a couple of weeks ago, and so far, there have been a couple of promising contestants, but I’ll tell you something that I’ve been telling Sam lately.  I keep asking Sam – “So when is David going to perform?”  The David I’m talking about is David Archuleta, the rightful winner of last year’s contest.  I don’t mean that I want him to come do a guest performance – I mean I want him to do the show all over again.  I’m saying I want him to start at the beginning and choose a song each week and act like he’s not sure if the judge’s like him or not and then blow the competition away.  Because man, he was really good at doing all those things.  He was just so dadgum entertaining!  With that, I’ll leave you with my favorite performance that he did.  



And by the way, I think it’s the biggest crime in the world that he lost to THIS GUY:


I’ve said my piece.